Authentic Mexican Sauces
Produced In The South West Of England


My Story

Let Me Introduce You To La Mexicana...

What Is La Mexicana?


La Mexicana is a brand of Mexican sauces which are made using local
produce from the UK with the natural heat of traditional Mexican chilies,
refined by recipes that have been a staple of the ‘Estilo de Vida’, the
Mexican way of life. I use natural, vibrant and colourful produce to create healthy sauces the whole family can enjoy.

About Me

I was born and raised in Mexico and lived there until I was 23, when I moved to the UK 8 years ago. I love the authentic flavours of Mexico and wanted to recreate these in beautiful sauces that I could share with friends and family. When they proved to be really popular, I decided to offer them to the local and wider community and now produce them for farm shops, markets and restaurants. 

The Vision

I would love to see my sauces being enjoyed whilst bringing friends and families together for delicious and wholesome meals that will be remembered! I have many memories from Mexico that come from our celebrations, meals and even just BBQs that all revolve around the good food that we share, and I want to share that with you!


All of the ingredients I use are sourced locally from Devon and Cornwall, and the chilies are authentic Mexican chilies, picked for their intense heat and flavour. 

All of my sauces are created using only natural ingredients, no preservatives or colourings go into the making of the sauces at all. 

Many of my sauces are plant based so suitable for those following a vegan diet, and all are suitable for customers with a gluten intolerance. 

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Let's get social....

Calling all La Mexicana's amigas and amigos!

We want to hear from you! Share your La Mexicana moments with us and your fellow amigos. 

We want to see your food creations and how you best love to use our sauces to inspire your fellow La Mexicana lovers. We want to see it all from your homemade tacos with our Rattle Chilli & Tomato sauce or how generously you dip your nachos in our Pineapple and Tree Chilli sauce.

It's almost time to get socializing again so grab your sauce and grab your family or friends and lets get cooking!!

                             ‘Mexican Estilo de Vida’

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Creamy Chipotle Sauce

Customer Favorite

This Creamy Chipotle Sauce is
inspired by the family recipe which combines the exotic Mexican flavours
with a mild creamy sauce which suits pasta and chicken dishes that is sure
to be a crowd pleaser for friends and family alike.

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Rattle Chilli and Tomato Sauce

Perfect For All The Family

The Rattle Chilli and Tomato Sauce is a mild sauce that's perfect for stews or to give a Mexican flavour to a range of meats, with a mild smoky heat that combines natural ingredients and is suitable for a plant based diet.
There is no colouring or preservatives which makes it delicious and natural for all the family!

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Habanero and Berries Sauce

New Addition

A fruity twist on a dipping sauce that has a Mexican fiery finish to blow you away. With natural ingredients it's suitable for a plant based diet. There are no colourings or preservatives which makes this sauce a delicious dip to enhance the
flavour of your dishes!

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Habanero and Tomato

Hot and Spicy

A hot marinating sauce
which is perfect for Fish, Pork, Beef and Chicken. Definitely a sauce that
will bring you a true authentic Mexican heat. Also delicious as a spicy hot dip!

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Pineapple and Tree Chili Sauce

Fruity and Fresh

The Tree Chilli and Pineapple Sauce is a homemade hot sauce which has been inspired by Mexican flavours with natural ingredients and suitable for a plant based diet.
Spread lavishly over Pork and Chicken dishes to marinate or use as an
irresistible dipping sauce for Nachos. Inspired by my culture and now for you to share with your amigos and amigas these zesty and Mexican hot flavours.

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Habanero and Mango Sauce

A Firm Favourite

An extra hot sauce that
will hit you with the sweet taste of Mango before the punch of the
traditional Mexican fiery heat of the Habanero. With natural ingredients it's
suitable for a plant based diet. This sauce is a delicious dip, or use to enhance the flavour of your beef or chicken dishes.

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